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By combining natural plant-based polymers with innovative cross-linking chemistries, EcoPro Polymers offers renewable and formaldehyde-free alternative to interior building products market.  Our bio-adhesives have the following attributes.

Formaldehyde-free, Safe and Sustainable

 Offer pre-press tack for continuous-flow production lines

 First of its kind water based, high solids, stable and ready-to-use adhesives for particleboard, medium density fiberboard and other advanced wood products applications

√ Less water in our bio-adhesives results in cleaner surfaces on panels

√ Provide equivalent or better performance with lower overall cost compared to existing wood adhesives

Meet CARB Phase II, European E0 and Japanese F-star standards for formaldehyde emissions

√ Qualifies for LEED points

√ Eliminate regulatory compliance costs associated with formaldehyde-based adhesives

Enable customers to market their products as sustainable without sacrificing cost or performance

Compatible with fire retardant additives for the manufacture of fire rated panels