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By combining natural plant-based polymers with innovative cross-linking chemistries, EcoPro Polymers offers renewable and formaldehyde-free alternative to interior building products market.  Our bio-adhesives have the following attributes. (more…)


The interior building materials such as furniture, cabinets, molding, flooring, doors and windows have traditionally been manufactured with formaldehyde based adhesives that release formaldehyde fumes into the interior air.  (more…)

EcoPro Polymers Overview

EcoPro Polymers, Inc. is a green technology company founded in Salem, Oregon.  EcoPro Polymers provides green, sustainable and formaldehyde-free adhesives based on proprietary technology for the composite wood (more…)


All of the 4-foot by 8-foot agricultural residue (hemp, sunflower hull and grape-cane) based composite panels were manufactured for Formology using EcoPro Polymers’ formaldehyde-free, safe and sustainable bio-adhesives.  These panels successfully passed the requirements for mechanical strength properties tested according to the guidelines of ASTM D1037-12 Standard Test Methods for Evaluating Properties of Wood-Based Fiber and Particle Panel Materials.
Collaborating with our customer to transform these recycled agricultural byproducts into useful, high-end architectural panels using our plant based adhesives, reinforces our commitment to a more sustainable future.

Our company, Formology, has worked extensively with EcoPro Polymers in developing our line of specialty panels, "AgriFORM", made from a variety of agricultural byproducts.  Our results have been excellent!  We were initially drawn to EcoPro's plant based, formaldehyde-free resin system because our clients demand the highest levels of environmental responsibility.  We also knew AgriFORM panels needed very strong physical properties.  EcoPro has met or exceeded the physical properties of all other standard resins in our comparative testing.  We believe EcoPro's plant based resin system gives us a decided advantage against other panel manufacturers for the Architecture and Design industry.  In addition, because of its inherent formaldehyde-free characteristics, EcoPro’s bio-resin is an ideal system for green building certifications.

Dirk Wallace
VP of Product Development